Wolverines News · Student Expectations at Sporting Events

Student Expectations at Sporting Events for Godwin Students and Parents and Visiting Students and Parents:

Student Expectations – Sporting Events

1. Only students from GHPS and the students from the visiting team’s school are allowed into the game.

2. All students must show a school I.D. at the visitor gate. Students will not be allowed into the game without a school I.D.

3. All elementary students must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

4. No backpacks, bicycles, motorized devices or skateboards allowed into stadium.

5. Ticket sales stop after the 3rd quarter. No entry into the game will be allowed once the 3rd quarter ends.

6. All students must remain in the home stands during the game. The only exceptions would be for using the restroom or concession stand. No lingering or running will be allowed in the any open areas or next to the concession stand.

7. If you are directed by safety or administrative staff to do something, please comply with the request or you may be asked to leave.

8. No student Re-Entry allowed into stadium.

9. Remember to follow our Godwin Heights core values and rules.

Thank You!!